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Vers nonsensiques (2)

George Du Maurier, in Punch, 17 March 1877, p. 110.

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Vers nonsensiques (1)

I have already discussed a “comic strip” by George Du Maurier, The Egg Poacher: A Tale of Country Life, which appeared in Punch in 1869. A few years later Du Maurier was to prove his literary talent by producing a … Continue reading

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Awful Protection against Midges

John Everett Millais, Awful Protection against Midges, 1853. Pen and sepia ink on paper. Signed with monogram, inscribed and dated 1853. This drawing comes from a series of about twenty-five amusing records that Millais made as a visual diary of … Continue reading

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The Frog and the Duck: A Romance

George du Maurier “took, in 1869-1870, a brief Darwinian respite from his usual labors of satirizing the Victorian drawing room” and, among other things, produced an “unusually extensive and charmingly anthropomorphic picture-story” (Kunzle 293), which appeared in three fortnightly instalments … Continue reading

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