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Rube Goldberg, Animales raros para recortar (1933)

Rube Goldberg, from Tit-Bits, 15 April 1933. Aventuras de Boborikin ran in the Argentinian magazine Tit-Bits at least from 1932 to 1934. This collection of invented animals is reminiscent of The Laughable Looloos by Helen Stilwell, Goldberg’s screwball-comics collegue, Gene Carr’s … Continue reading

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A New Looloo

One of Helen Stilwell’s Looloos, part of a series publshed in the New York World Sunday Magazine in 1906. This one appears to have been a postcard. For more information and several other examples, see here and in the Nonsense in … Continue reading

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Unnatural History Lessons for Young People and Prize Fighters

Almost six years ago I posted the central part of an invented-animal alphabet published in the New York Journal in 1908. Allan Holtz of Stripper’s Guide (read his post, in which he identifies the author, Bob Addams, and links to more … Continue reading

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Tom Gauld’s Limerick


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Reading Material

The Telegraph has a short preview of Sara Lodge’s forthcoming book, Inventing Edward Lear (Google Books). neuvièmeart 2.0: la revue de la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image has an article on nonsense in comics, mostly French. You can … Continue reading

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More to Read (in a few days)

This Book, Marie Duval, edited by Simon Grennan, Roger Sabin and Julian Waite, has been available for some time: it has been a bit of a disappointment as the critical apparatus is almost non-existent. However, this is the only way to … Continue reading

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Son of A Wheelbarrow to Hell

From Yale University, Beinecke Library MS 404, Rothschild Canticles, 169v (thanks to Francois Soyer). Previous instalments: The Natural History of the Wheelbarrow, A Wheelbarrow to Hell. Rather than devils carrying souls to hell, the scene seems to represent a (good?) … Continue reading

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A Few Links

I have been checking and fixing a few links in the bibliography pages and added a new, interesting article to the Studies on Edward Lear page: Antinucci, Raffaella. “‘Sensational Nonsense.’ Edward Lear and the (Im)purity of Nonsense Writing.” English Literature … Continue reading

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Benjamin Rabier’s Bullets

Antoine Sausverd of Töpfferiana has a very interesting post on a pair of strips by Benjamin Rabier which appear to have been influenced by Peter Newell: “Trajectoire,” a single-page story from La Jeunesse illustrée (no. 700, 11 February 1917) follows the … Continue reading

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Carolyn Wells’s Lovely Lilly

Carolyn Wells often contributed to the children’s sections of newspapers in the first decade of the XX century. One of the weirdest of these contributions was no doubt Adventures of Lovely Lilly, which ran in the Sunday New York Herald from December 1906 … Continue reading

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