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O frabjous day!

TED Ed has released a fun animated retelling of Lewis Carroll’s epic nonsense poem, Jabberwocky from his classic novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. Poem by Lewis Carroll, directed by Sjaak Rood. Dive into Lewis Carroll’s epic … Continue reading

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Edward Lear, Hey, Diddle, Diddle (a New Version)

Edward Lear, “The little dog laughed to see such sport.” Pen and brown ink on laid paper watermarked with Britannia. 16.2 by 20.3 cm., 6 1/4 by 8 in. Provenance With Gooden and Fox, London (pre-1973); Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) Lear … Continue reading

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Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh and 2nd Marquess of Londonderry (1769-1822). Better known as Viscount Castlereagh. As Chief Secretary for Ireland (1798-1801) was instrumental in the passage of the Act of Union in 1800, but his attempt to achieve subsequent political … Continue reading

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Gromboolia: Nonsense Art and Literature

Michael Heyman, one of the leading experts on world nonsense literature, has created a new website: Gromboolia: The Nonsense Art and Literature Site. It includes an anthology linking to several examples of nonsense literature, music, comics and so on, as … Continue reading

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Later Letters of Edward Lear (to Canon Selwyn)

‘I DARE say you know my name: I once brought out the “Book of Nonsense,”‘ said the elderly gentleman wearing an eye-shade, as he sat under a shaded lamp in his solitary corner of the salle-à-manger of Dr. Pasta’s Hotel … Continue reading

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Mind Your Language

Many people think a runcible spoon is a sort of pickle-fork with a serrated edge. If that is what they call it, then that is the word for it, but it is not the same word that Edward Lear used … Continue reading

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Christmas Holiday Reading Online

Several new books by Edward Lear are now available in full online; of particular interest: Lear, Edward. A Book of Nonsense. First Edition. London: T. McLean, 1846. [Florida State University Digital Library] Lear, Edward. A Book of Nonsense. Third Edition. … Continue reading

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WS Gilbert’s Nonsense Poems

W.S. Gilbert never really wrote Nonsense; his Bab Ballads and other collections, while obviously influenced by Edward Lear ― especially in the strongly caricatural style of the pictures accompanying his poems in the early editions – are rather in the … Continue reading

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A quick note on a few studies on the limerick I have read or re-read recently. Scheepers, Christoph, et al. “Listening to Limericks: A Pupillometry Investigation of Perceivers’ Expectancy.” PLoS ONE 8.9 (2013): e74986. The abstract appears to confirm what … Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Nevbosh Limerick

From Joan Acocella’s “Slaying Monsters,” in The New Yorker for 2 June 2014, a review of the recently published translation of Beowulf by J.R.R. Tolkien: Tolkien was a serious philologist from the time he was a child. He and his cousin Mary … Continue reading

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