Zoological Illustrations

Illustrations of the Family of the Psittacidae, or Parrots. London: R. Ackermann & E. Lear, 1832. [CD-ROM facsimile edition, Octavo, 1998]  

Gleanings from the Menagerie and Aviary at Knowsley Hall. Edited by E. Gray. Privately printed, 1846.  

Edward Lear and Knowsley. Liverpool: Walker Art Gallery, 1975.

The Birds of Edward Lear. A Selection of the Twelve Finest Plates of the Artist. Edited by Adrian Thorpe. London: The Ariel Press, 1975.

The Family of Parrots. New York: American Museum of Natural History; San Francisco: Pomegranate Artbooks, 1997


The Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society Delineated. Edited by E.T. Bennet, vol. II, 1831.

Gould, John. A Century of Birds from the Himalayan Mountains. London, 1831. 

Jardine, Sir William and Prideaux John Selby, Illustrations of British Ornithology. Vols III & IV. London, 1834. 

Gould, John. A Monograph of the Ramphastidae, or Family of Toucans. London, 1834. 

The Transactions of the Zoological Society. Vol. I. London, 1835.

Bell, Thomas. A Monograph of the Testudinata. London, 1832-1836. [CD-ROM facsimile edition, Octavo, 1999]

Bell, Thomas. A History of British Quadrupeds. London, 1837.

Gould, John. Birds of Europe. London, 1837.  

Eyton, Thomas Campbell. A Monograph of the Anatidae, or Duck Tribe. London, 1838. 

The Zoology of Captain Beechey’s Voyage. London, 1839.

The Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Beagle. Edited by Charles Darwin. London, 1839-1843.

The Naturalists Library. Edited by Sir William Jardine. Vols. IX & XVIII. London, 1843.

Gray, G.R. The Genera of Birds. Vol. II. London, 1849.

Sowerby, James de Carle. Tortoises, Terrapins and Turtles. London: Henry Sotheran, Joseph Baer & co, 1872 [reprinted Sowerby & Lear’s Tortoises, terrapins, and turtles / with a new introduction by Ernest E. Williams, Athens, Ohio, Society for Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, 1970]. Biodiversity Heritage Library.

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