R. Gaetano’s Books on Edward Lear’s Calabria

Raffaele Gaetano has just published his third book on Edward Lear, Cronache di un viaggio a piedi nella Calabria del 1847. After his Per la Calabria selvaggia: 109 disegni inediti di Edward Lear. Dalla Collezione della Central Library di Liverpool, in which appeared the previously unpublished Calabrian sketches preserved at the Liverpool Central Library, this one in part takes up the discourse begun with Senza ombre di cerimonie. Sull’ospitalità nei «Diari di viaggio in Calabria» di Edward Lear, which presented several of the people Lear stayed with during his tour, and expands it to include many more people and places, as well as reproductions of sketches and paintings from the Houghton Library archives and present-day photographs of the places he visited. Gaetano follows Lear’s narrative day by day and provides a wealth of information on all aspects of life in the Calabria of the mid Nineteenth century.

Per la Calabria selvaggia, which was originally released in a limited edition has now been republished by Laruffa and, along with this latest volume, will soon be available on Amazon Italy.

Raffaele will be  presenting his books in Reggio Calabria on 20 July and in Palmi on 11 August.

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