Per la Calabria selvaggia: 109 previously unpublished drawings by Edward Lear

Raffaele Gaetano, author of another interesting booklet on Edward Lear, Senza ombre di cerimonie. Sull’ospitalità nei «Diari di viaggio in Calabria» di Edward Lear, which by the way contains some of the recipes of the peculiar dishes offered to Lear during his Calabrian tour, kindly sent me an impressive volume entitled Per la Calabria selvaggia: 109 disegni inediti di Edward Lear. Dalla Collezione della Central Library di Liverpool. As the title states the imposing volume contain all the pictures which were bound with the print edition of Journals of a Landscape Painter in Southern Calabria (1852) thanks to Thomas George Baring, Lord Northbrook, whom Lear had given a great number of the originals drawn during the tour.

The pictures are preceded by a long essay telling the story of the collection, by extensive comments on the pictures themselves and containing a lot of information on the families that gave Lear hospitality. A very nice tome and well worth having: unfortunately, it is not for sale (yet). It is a numbered signed edition published with the contribution of Regione Calabria and Comune di Motta San Giovanni, though Raffaele hopes to have an edition published for the general public shortly; he also promises a further book on Lear’s visit to Calabria, treating in greater detail the history of the people Lear met during the tour.

Here is the new entry in the Edward Lear Criticism bibliography:
Gaetano, Raffaele. Per la Calabria selvaggia: 109 disegni inediti di Edward Lear. Reggio Calabria: iiriti editore, 2021.

While we are at it, here is a new, very interesting article:
Masud, Noreen. “Edward Lear: Sudden and Surprising.” Modern Philology 119.3 (2022): 421-41.

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