Victorian Poetry Issue on Edward Lear

The summer 2020 issue of Victorian Poetry (Volume 58, Number 2), edited by Jasmine Jaegger and Benjamin Westwood, is entirely devoted to Edward Lear. Here is the table of contents:

Introduction: New Work on Edward Lear, Jasmine Jagger, Benjamin Westwood,
pp. 107-119.

“One of the Dumms”: Lear, Deafness, and the Wound of Sound, Sara Lodge, pp. 121-133.

“Antic Dispositions”: Lear and Dickens, Eliza Haughton-Shaw, pp. 135-149.

The Old Person of Chroma, James Williams, pp. 151-167.

“Provocative propinquity”: Paul Muldoon and Edward Lear, Alex Alonso,
pp. 169-185.

Edward Lear’s Happiness, Matthew Bevis, pp. 187-205.

Lear’s Leftovers, Noreen Masud, pp. 207-220.

Afterword: Lear Outside Time, Jenny Uglow, pp. 221-233.

Contributors, pp. 235-236.

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