Edward Lear in Ninfa

Last Friday (23 October) I was in Ninfa, where “the most romantic garden in the world” is situated, for a conference celebrating 100 years since its creation among the ruins of a Medieval town.

The conference was organized by Fondazione Roffredo Caetani in collaboration with the Institut für Geschichtliche Landeskunde an der Universität Mainz e. V.

The proceedings were streamed on YouTube and are now available from the Fondazione channel. My paper was about “Edward Lear, i Caetani e Ninfa” but the others are at least as interesting so take a look even if you do not speak Italian, the pictures are great in themselves.

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemy the number of papers had to be reduced and people could only follow the proceedings online. Here is the”Invito.”

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2 Responses to Edward Lear in Ninfa

  1. Livia LP says:

    I would have loved to read your lecture about Lear and the Caetani but I didn’t find any link from the Caetani foundation. Any other idea? Thanks for all the beautiful drawings and paintings you post all the time. Livia Lionnet >

    • I’ll upload the Powerpoint presentation and approximate text to Academia in the next few days and I will announce it here. A book with the full article text should also be published next year. Thanks for your interest.

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