More Summer Readings

Lecercle, Jean-Jacques. “Le nonsense entre image et texte.Image [&] Narrative 19.2 (2018): 51-60. [Largely devoted to Edward Lear’s limericks.]

Lecercle, Jean-Jacques. “Bêtise du limerick.” Humoresques 42 (2015-2017): 63-74. [Humoresques. This is mentioned in the article above, I haven’t seen it: if you get a copy I’d like to see it.]

Ekaterina Shatalova won the 2017-2018 Colin Franklin Prize for book collecting, and chose as part of her prize a manuscript album consisting of 15 ink drawings repeating Lear’s Book of Nonsense; her essay: One Very Nonsensical Collection.

Anderson, Emily. “‘There was a young girl of the Somme, / Who sat on a number five bomb’: The Representation of Violence in First World War Trench Newspaper Nonsense Rhymes.” Literature & History Online first (21 August 2018). [Same as above, not seen.]

Also a nice online exhibition:

All the Year Round: Exploring the Nineteenth-Century Periodical, from the University of Otago, NZ;

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