Edward Lear’s Feelings

Oxford University has published a series of five short videos on Edward Lear creted by Matthew Bevis and Jasmine Jagger, the general title is Edward Lear’s Feelings, and after an Introduction, the four remeining chapters are devoted to Wonder, Disgust, Laughter and Weeping. You can also subscribe to the series on iTunes.

The Podcasts are now also part of Matt and Jasmine’s project, Knowing Edward Lear, which now has a wonderful website presenting previous initiatives, like the Learical Tennyson site and Matthew’s posts for the Houghton blog (a new, final one should be out in a short time). There is also a “Live” section, which present previous lectures, in video or audio, on Lear. More is to follow!

Matthew Bevis will also be giving a lecture on “Edward Lear: Visual and Verbal Conversations” at the Ashmolean Museum on 27 April next.

Meanwhile, last week’s The Economist has a review of Jenny Uglow’s Mr Ler, “Remembering Edward Lear, Painter and Poet,” which is freely available.

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2 Responses to Edward Lear’s Feelings

  1. Raffaele Ciccaleni says:

    Ciao, Marco! Questo lavoretto l’ho fatto oggi in classe. L’ho anche postato sulla pagina fb poco fa. Ero partito da “Un signore di Scandicci’ di Rodari. È un WIP, soggetto a piccole modifiche. Spero che ti diverta!


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