New Edward Lear Manuscripts from Houghton Library

The following items fromHoughton Library have been added to the Manuscripts page:

Edward Lear drawings of Central India, 1875. MS Typ 55.5.
49 original landscape drawings on 31 mounts (31 sheets), in watercolor, pen and graphite. From Lord Northbrook’s collection, volume 2 only; inside front cover includes bookplate of Lord Northbrook (Thomas George Baring, Earl of Northbrook (1826-1904)). Title on cover: Vol. II. Central India 1875. Lord Northbrook; volume lacks a titlepage.
Online facsimile.

Alphabet no. 6 : manuscript, undated. MS Typ 55.15.
For each letter there is a 4-line verse. A begins “Appaty, Bappaty, Appaty A /Two nice apples for me to day.” In the right margin there is a sketch, of 2 apples for A.
Incomplete: the letters Q to Z are initials only.
Online facsimile.

The cummerbund: an Indian poem. MS Typ 55.16.
Autograph manuscript in black ink. A note at the end including a glossary is crossed out.
Online facsimile.

MS Typ 55.18. Houghton Library, Harvard University.

MS Typ 55.18. Houghton Library, Harvard University.

[Pig confronting ‘corcadill’]. [18–]. MS Typ 55.18.
Actually contains a caricature self-portrait.
Online facsimile.

[‘Piggie’ confronting ‘corcadill’]. [18–]. MS Typ 55.19.
The real thing. With a slip reading: “Might you not bring back a small Corcadill for Piggie to play with on the Lawn at Stratton: –only he.” Part of a letter.
The back has a small picture of a hunter confronting an animal, the “Corcadill”?
Online facsimile.

Self-portraits. 18–. MS Typ 55.20.
Two drawings; presumably part of a picture story. Undated
Online facsimile.

Some incidents in the life of my uncle Arly. MS Typ 55.22.
Autograph fair-copy manuscript of a poem in 7 verses, with original postmarked envelope addressed to Wilkie Collins. Dated “Villa Tennyson, Sanremo, 7 March 1886.”
Online facsimile.

Also found through Houghton’s Hollis search:

“Better a Railing at the Top of the Cliff than a Hospital at the Bottom!”: the use of Edward Lear’s nonsense ABC as a didactical tool in the development of  pronunciation skills in young lerarners of English. A dissertation by Margaret Wallace Nilsson at Uppsala University Library, 2011. [pdf file]

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