Summer Reading, Watching and Listening

Here is a list of Edward Lear resources I found in the past months but never posted; please note I have also added several items to the bibliographies:

Hugh Haughton, “Edward Lear and ‘The Fiddlediddlety of Representation.'” The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Poetry. Edited by Matthew Bevis. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. 351-369. Available from Google Books.

Children’s Literature Review, vol 169, Edward Lear
To coincide with this year’s Limerick day, the Gale Group have posted online a collection of previously-published essays on Lear (you can choose to print the whole collection if you want).

Seline Bullocke’s “Edward Lear and Ideals of Art Theory in the Development of English Landscape Painting” at The British Art Journal website.

I have created a small SoundCloud playlist with four short talks on Edward Lear from the Poet in the City Edward Lear event of 2012. SoundCloud, by the way, is full of sound bit about Lear.

Dr. Clemency Fisher on “The Zoological World of Edward Lear.” A History of science lecture filmed at The Royal Society, London on Fri 19 Oct 2012. On this page you can get the audio only version.

Louise Lee on “Re-reading the Scientist as Specimen: Edward Lear, the Fugitive Poets and the Politics of Whimsy” as part of the workshop Reading and Replicating Bodies: Mimicry in Medicine and Culture, 1790-1914 at the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, funded by the Wellcome Trust, 26th March 2015 (only part of her lecture is online).


Five songs based on poems by Edward Lear by Papa Crow.

The scores (in pdf format) of Albert Coates’s Three Songs from Edward Lear’s Nonsense Rhymes at the Stellenbosch University Library:

The presentation of a new book on Lear, in Italian, Edward Lear e la Bovesia, by Franco Tuscano:

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