Aubrey Beardsley’s Limerick on Illustrating Le Morte Darthur

This manuscript records memories of Aubrey Beardsley’s mother about amateur theatricals put on at home by the adolescent Aubrey and his sister, Mabel, and her  son’s reluctance to fulfil his commission to illustrate an edition of Le Morte Darthur (1893–1894).

In response to maternal prodding, he replied with a limerick:

A youth for a very small salary
Did a cartload of drawings for Malory.
When they asked him for more
He only said ‘Sure
They’ve already enough for a gallery.

Grolier Club.

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1 Response to Aubrey Beardsley’s Limerick on Illustrating Le Morte Darthur

  1. Doug Harris says:

    A somewhat similar limerick has been found (thanks to Stephen Goranson) in Grip Magazine of November 1880
    … and concurrently in the New York Times:

    There was a young rustic named MALLORY,
    Who drew but a very small salary.
    When he went to the show,
    His purse made him go
    To a seat in the uppermost gallery.

    Coincidence or somehow linked?

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