Edward Lear in Transit (a lecture by Matt Bevis)

Matthew Bevis will be giving an online lecture on “Edward Lear in Transit” tomorrow, 12 May 2021:

This talk considers two questions: What—if anything—do Lear’s paintings and poems see in one another? And what sense (or nonsense) can be made from thinking about landscapes alongside limericks?

The event is organized by  Inventions of the Text, and you can get a free ticket to follow it at Eventbrite.

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2 Responses to Edward Lear in Transit (a lecture by Matt Bevis)

  1. Anindyo Roy says:

    How do I sign up for the lecture? Anindyo Roy

  2. If you have problems with the Eventbrite link (which I have now changed) use the one to Inventions of the Text and use that to reach Eventibrite.

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