Edward Lear, Wadi Feiran (1849)

Edward Lear, Wady Feiran, Sinai Peninsula.
Ink, watercolour and gouache on blue/grey paper. Inscribed and dated by the artist ‘ Wady Feiran / 24 January 1849 / 8 A.M.’ and with artist’s note ‘Palms (?cut) off’, ‘Torrent bed’, ‘all in light’, ‘leaves brown / palm’, ‘dry palm leaves’. 7×11.5 inches.

Exhibited: Spink (No. K35871).

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1 Response to Edward Lear, Wadi Feiran (1849)

  1. Robert Pecvk says:

    Is the Wady Feiran, Sinai Peninsula painting in your most recent blog up for sale? If so by whom and where?

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