Edward Lear, Lake Nemi

Edward Lear, Lake Nemi.
Inscribed with artist’s colour notes in pencil. Pencil on buff paper. 23.5 x 40.5 cm (9 1/4 x 16 inches).

With Thomas Agnew & Sons Ltd, Old Bond Street;
Christopher Fry and thence by descent.

The Saleroom.

Lear was in the area on 12 October 1840.

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1 Response to Edward Lear, Lake Nemi

  1. Ron says:

    “Lo, Nemi! navelled in the woody hills
    ⁠So far, that the uprooting Wind which tears
    ⁠The oak from his foundation, and which spills
    ⁠The Ocean o’er its boundary, and bears
    ⁠Its foam against the skies, reluctant spares
    ⁠The oval mirror of thy glassy lake;
    ⁠And calm as cherished hate, its surface wears
    ⁠A deep cold settled aspect nought can shake,
    All coiled into itself and round, as sleeps the snake.

    And near, Albano’s scarce divided waves
    ⁠Shine from a sister valley;—and afar
    ⁠The Tiber winds, and the broad Ocean laves
    ⁠The Latian coast where sprung the Epic war,
    ⁠”Arms and the Man,” whose re-ascending star
    ⁠Rose o’er an empire:—but beneath thy right
    ⁠Tully reposed from Rome;—and where yon bar
    ⁠Of girdling mountains intercepts the sight
    The Sabine farm was tilled, the weary Bard’s delight…”

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