Edward Lear Works in Public Collections

Stephen Duckworth has sent me the results of his and Rowena Fowler’s world-wide search for paintings, watercolours and drawings by Edward Lear which can be admired in public collections. The document, which is too long and complex to be published in a format compatible with a blog post, aims at providing as complete a record as possible of Lear’s accessible works and can be downloaded as a searchable pdf file (here the latest version).

In addition to this, Stephen has also provided a complete listing of Lear’s topographical works held at the Liverpool Central Library and bound in seven volumes, together with the lithographs of two of his travel books: Illustrated Excursions in Italy (1846) and Journals of a Landscape Painter in Southern Calabria (1852). You can access this extremely useful document both as a blog page in the Manuscripts section and download it in pdf format.

The “Sermoneta 8.April.1845” above comes from the Liverpool collection and has never to the best of my knowledge been published before.

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1 Response to Edward Lear Works in Public Collections

  1. Dear Marco Delighted you have uploaded both my pieces – thanks. Would it be possible to put the pdf on public collections in your Lear studies section, as you did for my ‘how many are there’ paper ? Whilst looking for the best place for this, I noticed that the travels section doesn’t, I think, include Varriano’s Malta book.  And there’s now your Amalfi coast one. Best wishes for Christmas and 2019.  I hope my next ‘output’ will be a website on Mount Athos. Stephen

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