Readings and Listenings

I missed this review of Jenny Uglow’s Mr Lear, you can read it here.

Listen to three Edward Lear arrangements, in Hungarian Translatio, by György Kósa:

The music comes from Kósa György: Home Concert – Songs and Chamber Works; Bokor Jutta, Judit Kiss-Domonos, Korondi Anna, Kósa Gábor. Hungaroton, 2007. HGR 32486.

The translations are taken from Edward Lear’s Boldog bolondságok, translated by Hajnal Anna, Illustrated by Gyulai Líviusz. Budapest, 1978. 64 p., ill.

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  1. worldwarzoogardener1939 says:

    Sadly the website seems to be missing / gone, the unique collection of world language translations of Owl and the Pussycat that the late Hugh Stewart put together. Do you know anymore about this?

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