Edward Lear Visits Captain Hornby

The following is one of Lear’s earliest autobiographical picture stories, from the mid 1830s according to Liebert (from whose book, Lear in the Original, the story is taken), but it was more probably drawn in 1841, when Lear was in England after four years in Italy.

To the same period also belongs a longer series of pictures illustrating the adventures with Phipps Hornby in Scotland, now in a private collection.

  1. L. sets out from the Home of Captn. Hornby, R.N.

2. L. rushes inconspicuously into a sentinel’s box, to the extreme surprise of a sentinel.

3. L. is ignominously dragged out of the sentry box by the exasèerated sentinel.

4. L. enquires of an intelligent policeman as to the office of Captn. Hornby, R.N.

5. L. is instructed by the intelligent policeman that it is necessary to sign his name.

6. L. pursues his investigations in an earnes & judicious manner.

7. L. discovers Captn. Hornby’s office — butlearns from several official persons tht Captn. H. is gone to a basin.

8. L. searches a basin for Captn. Hornby, R.N., but wtithout success.

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