More to Read on Edward Lear &c.

Matthew Kerr reviews Jenny Uglow’s Mr. Lear for Apollo.

Raffaella Antinucci has two articles on Nonsense and Edward Lear I’m not sure I mentioned before:

  • “«Sensational nonsense»: Edward Lear and the (Im)purity of Nonsense Writing” English Literature 2.2 (2015). (download)
  • “‘…in those few bright (Abruzzi) days’: Edward Lear’s landscaping gaze and the discovery of Abruzzo” RVS: Rivista di Studi Vittoriani 34-35 (2013). (download)

Finally, a very important essay by Constance W. Hassett, “‘Does It Buzz?’: Image and Text in Edward Lear’s Limericks.” Victorian Literature and Culture 45 (2017), 685-707.
Sorry, no link for this one, but try to find and read it! It led me to the Academy review of a couple of posts back and to a short collection of limericks by Anthony Madrid illustrated by Mark Fletcher.

The European Journal of Humour Research, vol 5 issue 3, has a special issue online on “Humour in Nonsense Literature.

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  1. Chris White says:

    So good to have discovered your blog. Keep up the brilliant work. Following you with much pleasure. Chris.

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