Edward Lear, Letter to Montgomery and Picture Letter

Edward Lear,
Autograph letter signed to “My dear Montgomery”, reading “I am just about to pack and send off your two drawings of Athens – after all without any ‘howls’ – large or small. But I have to thank you for your criticism about the Parthenon, and it is bestonishing how much the drawing has improved since I have done away with the dark shadow and the thundercloud. I could not have fancied so great a change for the better, but the fact has been that I am often so blinded by the glare of Jenny Sneak’s Hotel, that I do not well see what colour I do or do not use.
I hope you will like the drawing now much better than you did, though I acknowledge it has many imperfections – and when I have completed one more Athenian drawing […] I never intend to do any architectural subject anymore, but to stick to pure landscape – trees – plains – hills – rivers – toads etc – but no prominent building henceforth and forever, my sight having been so injured by this Cursed Hotel that I cannot trust my one remaining eye for lines, diameters, hexameters, thermometers. The 2 drawings are to be left in charge of Messr. Foord & Dickenson […] until you direct when and where they are to be sent. And you can now at your pleasure and leisure, pay me the £70 in a crossed cheque sent me here by post – the casual way – or by paying the same into my account”, four pages, splitting along central fold, folding marks, scattered foxing, browning to ink, small 8vo , Villa Emily, Sanremo, 16 April 1881.
Plus another item (2) [which I suppose is the picture letter, dated “23. Aug.t” so perhaps unrelated.]


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