Edward Lear, An Unpublished Letter

The letter below was probably addressed to Charles Marcus Church‘s brother when Edward Lear got back to England after a long period abroad. Lear and Church had travelled in Greece in 1848 (see Edward Lear’s Grecian Travels) and Church had taken care of Lear when he had been seriously ill.

Blaine Castle. Bristol.
22.Aug.t 1849.

My dear Sir –

Have you not heard anything yet of Charles?

I cannot help writing to ask you & to beg that you will send me a line saying where he was last heard of, & how he is. Pray excuse my troubling you again, but your brother will tell you I am a fidget by nature, tho’ in this case my anxiety is natural enough as he was so very kind to me when I was ill.

A note addressed to me at
17. Duke St.
St. James’s
will always reach me.

After October I trust to be settled in my new lodgings –
Stratford Place – & there some time I shall hope to make your acquaintance & shew you some of my drawings.

Believe me,
Dear Sir,
Your’s very truly,
                        Edward Lear

The scans from the seller’s page:

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1 Response to Edward Lear, An Unpublished Letter

  1. Natasha Thomas says:

    Do you think it could be Blaise Castle in Bristol that the letter was addressed to?

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