Another Edward Lear Letter to Mrs Hankey

Edward Lear:  Autograph letter addressed to Mrs. Hankey, from Rendcomb Park, Cirencester, dated Sept. 1, 1872, 3pp. 8vo., written at speed in his characteristic hand, linking many of the words, concerning commissions for drawings, his movements and an account of a recent mishap: “at Derby where I ran away from a bull and tried to get over a gate and caught my foot and fell and hurt my face badly and my face a beautiful purple and green and I’ll never go into any field again or over any gate or near any bull, no, not even a bullfinch” signed with a caricature drawing of him falling forward onto his face.

[Together with]: Incomplete autograph letter, no addressee, 2pp. 8vo., talking of his endless need to find places to stay, and his dread of going to local churches, signed “Edward” and with the usual pig drawing beside the signature.

[And]: A fine sheet of pen and ink drawings by Lear, inscribed Shipborne Grange 16 Sept.r, 1872, of the artist as a bird with large wings, an owl, and two ‘nonsense’ birds beneath, one sheet, 182 x 108mm.

Woolley & Wallis.


Lengthy autograph letter [to Mrs Hankey], signed Edward Lear, San Remo, August 4, 1873, closely written on 4pp., 8vo, discussing the zoological drawings he made for Bell, materialism and beliefs, and a great deal of detail about life in Italy, including olive-picking and the trees and plants: “The growth of vegetation here is really absurd Passion flowers are a positive pest. They sprout up in all places and at all seasons.”

Woolley & Wallis.

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