Two on Edward Lear

A review of Robert Peck’s new book on Edward Lear’s natural history drawings, from last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal:


John Cremona, “Edward Lear in Gozo in 1866,” The Gozo Observer – Issue 33, Winter 2016 (pdf download).

Also of interest, if you read German:Marika Backes-Natsvlishvili, “Nonsens-Literatur zwischen Dekonstriktion und Innovation.” Vergleichen an der Grenze: Beiträge zu Manfred Schmelings komparatistischen Forschungen. Eds. Backe, Hans-Joachim, Claudia Schmitt and Christiane Solte-Gresser. Würtzburg: Königshausen & Neumann. 75-85.

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