Edward Lear & the Play of Poetry


At long last it’s out!

Williams, James, and Matthew Bevis, eds. Edward Lear & the Play of Poetry. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.

Here is the table of contents:

James Williams and Matthew Bevis,Introduction: Edward Lear and the Play of Poetry, 1-15
James Williams, Lear and the Fool,16-50
Michael O’Neill, One of the Dumms: Edward Lear and Romanticism, 51-69
Sara Lodge, Edward Lear and Dissent, 70-88
Peter Swaab, Some Think Him… Queer: Loners and Love in Edward Lear, 89-114
Peter Robinson, Edward Lear: Celebrity Chef, 115-133
Matthew Bevis, Falling for Edward Lear, 134-161
Daniel Brown, Being and Naughtiness, 162-182
Anna Henchman, Fragments Out of Place: Homology and the Logic of Nonsense in Edward Lear, 183-201
Daniel Karlin, ‘The Owl and the Pussy-Cat’, and other Poems of Love and Marriage, 202-222
Hugh Haughton, Playing with Letters: Lears Episthilarity, 223-242
Anna Barton, The Sense and Nonsense of Weariness: Edward Lear and Gertrude Stein read Tennyson, 243-259
Anne Stillman, T.S. Eliot Plays Edward Lear, 260-280
Adam Piette, ‘Now Listen, Mr Leer!’: Joyces Lear, 281-299
Seamus Perry, Auden’s Lear, 300-315
Will May, Drawing Away from Lear: Stevie Smiths Deceitful Echo, 316-338
Adam Phillips, Edward Lear’s Contribution to British Psychoanalysis, 339-346
Philip Ross, Edward Lear, John Ashbery, and the Pleasant Surprise, 347-365
Select Bibliography, 367-372

There are several essays which were not presented at the 2012 bicentennial conference, so it was worth waiting for it. There is a preview on Google Books, and an official OUP page.

On 8 December next, there will be a book launch at the Institute of Advanced Studies with the editors, Peter Swaab, Barbare Everett, Adam Phillips and jenny Uglow.

The book and the single essays have been added to the bibliography.

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