After Edward Lear

Group of three drawings with limericks, c1880. All in pen and ink, annotated either “5”, “10” or “11” in pencil in upper right corner, 18.7 x 26.7cm (paper). Stains, foxing and soiling overall, tears to edges, portions of paper corroded by ink, old vertical folds, tape verso. (Josef Lebovic Gallery).


There was an old maid of Malines, who wore such a huge Crinoline,
That on one windy day, she was blown right away,
And was never more heard of or seen.


There was an old Person of Brussels, who went out in a boat to catch mussels;
But a monstrous big shark, who was out for a lark,
Gobbled up this old Person of Brussels.


There was An old Lady Of Yarrow, who always drove out in a barrow;
The barrow was small, which caused her to fall,
And spilled that old Lady of Yarrow.

I have put up a new book of limericks at The Original Fifteen Gentlemen, Fathers of All Books of Nonsense, Dug Up and Reclothed after Living in the Dust for Forty Years. Published by Frederick Arnold, London, n.d. [probaly around 1865].

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