Gustave Verbeek before the Comics

Neuvième Art 2.0, the online magazine of the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée e de l’image has a long, interesting article on Gustave Verbeek (or Verbeck as the author, prefers to call him):

Also of interest from Töpfferiana:littératures graphiques du XIXe et début XXe siècles:

On this blog, my “Gustave Verbeek’s Cruel Tales and the Nonsense Tradition,” from The Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek: The Complete Sunday Comics 1903-1905, edited by Peter Maresca, foreword by Martin Gardner. Palo Alto, CA: Sunday Press Books, 2009.

Below are the strips Verbeek contributed to the comic magazine Le Rire in 1894-1895:


Le Rire, 17 November 1894.

Le Rire, 19 January 1895.

Le Rire, 19 January 1895.

Le Rire, 6 July 1895.

Le Rire, 6 July 1895.


Le Rire, 26 October 1895.

Le Rire, 16 November 1895.

Le Rire, 16 November 1895.


This one, from Andy Konkykru’s Early Comics Archive, is in the same style, but perhaps not from “Le Rire”:


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