Not strange so blithesome I appear! I was brought up on Edward Lear

The following was published in William B. Osgood Field’s Edward Lear on My Shelves (p. 158). Osgood Field found it in a copy of Edward Lear’s 1871 Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany, and Alphabets:

A fly-leaf obviously from another copy, with yellow recto and white verso of the same quality as the end papers, but of a darker shade, has been inerted before the half-title, and upon the verso, is written, in Lear’s hand, the following original verses [sic].

Not strange so blithesome I appear!
I was brought up on Edward Lear,
In the nursery up so high
At Upper Norwood, near the sky,
And also (why I have no notice)
Within a walk of the Crystal Palace
Where on a Saterday Mr. Manns
Got concerts up on Wagnerian plans
And his audience sat in decorous rows, [thus ?]
And felt they were German virtuosos:
All except a small fidgety boy
To whom Saterday concerts were not a joy
And who only went there by his Mother’s compulsion,
For he felt for all Germans a natural repulsion.

Vivien Noakes does not publish this poem in her edition.

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