An Edward Lear Society, at Last

After a long incubation, I first heard about plans for it about two years ago, I am pleased to announce that the Edward Lear Society has finally seen the light of day with a very nice website, where you will find information on Edward Lear and the society itself: here is the form to become a member, with previews of the society’s initiatives.

Click on the picture for more images of the bust.

Click on the picture for more images of the bust.

Mr Derek Johns, one of the founding members, also e-mailed me to report on the first event:

Last Friday evening [30 May 2014]‎ at the Anagnostiki Reading room in Corfu,  the bronze bust of Edward Lear was unveiled after opening speeches by George Poulimenou of the Committee, Spiro Flamburiari and a short lecture on the life and artistic works of Lear by myself. The evening finished with a song cycle of works by the Corfiot composer Napoleon Lambelet whose fame was greater in London and especially at the Coliseum,  then in Corfu sung by the leading Soprano on the island Rosa Cappon. She finished the evening off with a rendition of Edward Lear’s the Owl and the Pussycat. Approximately 120 people attended this special evening.

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2 Responses to An Edward Lear Society, at Last

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  2. timewilson says:

    excellent to see stuff on Lear. I am making a short film on Lear and was in Corfu town this Easter and am delighted the Lear society has begun properly! It is certainly needed in Corfu, mainland Greece Albania and Turkey. I was astonished that Albania has no original Lear drawings!

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