W.S.’s Bosh

In a previous post, The Father of Nonsense, I published an 1877 letter in which Edward Lear thanked one W.S. for the dedication of a Book of Bosh, usually taken to be The Book of Bosh. With which are incorporated some amusing and instructive nursery stories in rhyme. [With illustrations.] ff. 26. Griffith, Farran & Co.: London, [1889.], and noticed that it was more likely to be the 1876 Bosh by W.S. London: Bickers & Son.

Bob Turvey, who owns a large collection of limerick books, kindly sent me three images — the title page, the dedication to Edward Lear and the rhyme Lear mentions in the letter — which fully confirm this is the volume W.S. sent Lear. Here are the pictures:






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