A New Edward Lear Exhibition

I have not even finished posting material from the bicentenary year (see below) and a new exhibition opens:

Edward Lear and his Contemporaries will be open from 21 January to 15 February 2013 at the World Land Trust Gallery, Blyth House, Bridge Street, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8AB. Here you can download an exhibition poster and get information on the connected limerick competion. You can also read an introduction.

More reading about last year’s final events:

Serious Nonsense, a short article from American Scientist, January-February 2013, vol. 101, no. 1, p. 28.

Resoconto seminario “Secondo centenario della nascita di Lear” at the Dipartimento di Agraria of the Università Mediterranea, Reggio Calabria, held by Salvatore Di Fazio. Here are pdf files of Prof. Di Fazio’s own article in the newspaper La Sicilia of 30 December 2012: page 16 & page 17. All of this is in Italian, of course.


You may have noticed that I have moved the bicentenary events from the home page, but you can still reach the list.

Also, I have not been posting much lately, as I had to urgently update the nonsenselit.org page: it is still not final, but take a look and let me know what you think.

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