Parrots, Music, and More

Robert Peck has kindly obtained permission to upload his article on Edward Lear’s ornithological illustrations from the latest issue of Landscope (vol. 28 no. 2, summer 2012-13): A Passion for Parrots (pdf file, 1.19MB). A great Christmas present for all of us!

If you want a soundtrack for your, or your children’s Christmas, Bertram Wooster has just released an album, Popetry, which includes two arrangements of Edward Lear poems: The Owl and the Pussycat and The Duck and the Kangaroo. You can listen to all tracks for free, or grab the whole at a honest price.


Slingsby’s poster for Ode to Nonsense

Slingsby, a theatrical company based in Adelaide, South Australia, has started a series of posts, 21 Reasons to Love Edward Lear, to prepare the launch of their new production, Ode to Nonsense, which “sails cheeriously along with runcible spoons, fizzgigious fish and gosky patties, and delves into Lear’s inner conflicts. On his return from exotic travels with manservant Giorgio, Lear is reunited with his lifelong, unconfessed love Gussie.”

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