Edward Lear’s Southern Italy Landscapes


At long last, someone has remembered to celebrate Edward Lear in Italy: prof. Salvatore Di Fazio, who teaches Rural Architecture and Landscape at the University of Reggio Calabria, will give an open lecture on “Il paesaggio di Edward Lear in Calabria e Sicilia / Edward lear’s landscape in Calabria e Sicilia.” Relevant information in the banner above, or you can download the poster.

I’m afraid not many will be able to attend, but they can listen to this interesting radio programme: Edward Lear Poet and Scientific Illustrator, broadcast on December 8 by the Science Show on Australia’s Radio National. Or read this short article, Edward Lear, Illustrator, by Robert McCracken Peck, from Explore 34 (3).

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  1. Robert Peck says:

    Dear Marco, Here is a pdf of an article about Edward Lear’s paintings of Australian wildlife that appears in the current issue of “Landscope” Hope all’s well with you. Best wishes – Bob ________________________________

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