The Nonsense Songs of Edward Lear – A Song-Cycle

I am terribly late announcing this, but I hope many of will be able to attend.

The Nonsense Songs Of Edward Lear – A Song-Cycle By David Lawrence

The first performance of this work, composed to mark the 200th anniversary of Lear’s birth, is to take place in Cork, Republic of Ireland on Wednesday November 7th. It will be performed by Eoghan Desmond (Baritone) and Colin Nicholls (Piano). Further details can be obtained from: David Lawrence, telephone 0044-1544-370330 (UK) or from Kay Desmond, telephone 00353-21487-5310 or 00353-86607-3645 (Ireland).

The work, which is about 90 minutes long, consists of settings of:

How Pleasant to Know My Lear
The Nutcrackers and the Sugar-Tongs
The Jumblies
The Pelican Chorus
The Pobble who has No Toes
The Quangle-Wangle’s Hat
The New Vestments
Mr and Mrs Discobbolos (Parts 1 & 2)
The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo
Incidents in the Life of Mr Uncle Arly

The work explores the tragicomedy of Lear’s poems.

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1 Response to The Nonsense Songs of Edward Lear – A Song-Cycle

  1. Odєє Rosє says:

    Will this be recorded and shared with the rest of the world, maybe on youtube?. I would love to hear it!

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