A New Biography of Edward Lear

Pen Press have announced the publication of a new biography of Edward Lear:

Pen Press are proud to announce the publication of The Owl and the Pussy Cats: Lear in Love, the Untold Story by Michael Montgomery.  

Edward Lear (1812-1888) is known the world over as the author of the Book of Nonsense and The Owl and the Pussy Cat, recently voted the Children’s No. 1 Favourite Poem. In addition, he was also a celebrated artist, travel writer and composer.

Although his personal charm made him greatly loved by all who met him, Lear’s quest for his own happiness faced enormous obstacles, ranging from social insecurity, permanent lack of money, poor health and, above all, epilepsy – a condition often equated with madness in that age.

The Owl and the Pussy Cats: Lear in Love, the Untold Story intimately details Edward Lear’s tragic life, offering an intricate portrayal of a misconstrued genius through a close study of his voluminous diaries and letters. In particular, it demolishes the theory that attributes the fact that he never married to a latent homosexuality, uncovering a list of nearly forty women that caught his fancy in his search for a wife.

Along with several travel books, Michael Montgomery has already published Lear’s Italy, based on Edward’s letters and diaries.

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