Edward Lear and the Scientists

Rowena Fowler writes to announce a must-see exhibition: “Edward Lear and the Scientists,” at the Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG.

I have now received my copy of the special Edward Lear issue of the Harvard Library Bulletin (Summer-Fall 2011. Volume 22: Numbers 2-3) containing Robert McCracken Peck’s “The Natural History of Edward Lear,” an essay which provides the first really detailed study of Lear’s work as a zoological illustrator and illuminates several aspects of his activity in these early years: essential reading in preparation of the Royal Society exhibition.

The volume also includes an essay by Hope Mayo on “The Edward Lear Collection at Harvard University,” a history of its development, in particular thanks to W.B. Osgood Field and Philip Hofer.

After the flood of articles celebrating the bicentenary, very little has appeared in the papers. Here is an article in Italian: Edward Lear e le altre penne straniere che hanno raccontato la Calabria, by Anna Foti, RTV.

Also of interest: The ‘nonsense’ works of the late Edward Gorey, by Philip Valys, Sun Sentinel.

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