The day of Edward Lear’s 200th birthday has come and celebrations are everywhere on the web. Google, with its beautiful doodle, has stimulated interest in the tech sector (also), too.

It is mentioned by the Guardian, which also published a retrospective of its articles related to Lear (Edward Lear Master of the Nonsense Rhyme).

BBC Radio 4 broadcast the episode of Great Lives devoted to Lear by Nicholas Parson (listen now). On Wednesday (at 11.15, 21.15, and 4.15 on Thursday), you will be able to listen to Julia Blackburn’s Need for Nonsense (“The sad, contradictory tale of Edward Lear, famed Victorian artist and scribe of gleefully silly verse”).


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2 Responses to Bicentenary

  1. gart says:

    My contribution to the birthday bash – enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Lear from across the pond!!

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