ARG!’s Edward Lear Cartoons

Producer-Director Artie Romero, of ARG! Cartoon Animation, has announced on the bicentenary Facebook page that

“Edward Lear’s Nonsense Stories,” our series of short cartoon webisodes for YouTube will premiere on Sunday, April 1st, 2012. Yes, April Fools Day. On that date there will be a very prominent link to this show’s new channel on our animation studio’s website, We are now putting the finishing touches on the first season’s 33 shows. In honor of Mr. Lear’s 200th birthday, there will also be an anthology of the first six shows shown on the fourth season of “Sprockets and Splices,” a showcase of independent film shorts. It’s a nationwide syndicated television program in the U.S. Each “Edward Lear’s Nonsense Stories” will feature one Lear limerick from A Book of Nonsense (1846).

Previews of the cartoons are already available on YouTube, and you can view them from this page.

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1 Response to ARG!’s Edward Lear Cartoons

  1. Charlotte Encombe says:

    Love all the Lear poems as do my kids who were brought up on musical versions of them, sung by a hippy couple who published their own cassettes. Wonderfully eccentric with penny whistle and mandolin. The cassette had a London contact number and the male had a foreign name. Published I reckon sometime 1990-1995. We can all still sing the songs but would love to hear the original again. Can you help please. Many thanks Charlotte Encombe

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