Two More Looloos

I found these two pictures on my hard disk; which I probably saved them from eBay auctions. They are from a set of six postcards from Helen Stilwell’s Laughable Looloos, a series of cartoon that was published in the New York World from 13 May to 25 November 1906, I have posted most of the newspaper strips here.

Helen Stilwell, I have found out, married comic strip artist Gene Carr on 22 August 1906 (they divorced in 1937), and was “a school teacher of Red Bank, and has since been living at Red Bank. Mrs. Carr is generally supposed to be the writer who signs her name Betty Vincent to many stories which are published by the same newspaper for which Carr works” (The New York Times, 28 July 1908, reporting on Carr being suspected of murder, but being “proved not the man”).

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