Edward Lear Bicentenary: A Request

Less than a year now before Edward Lear’s 200th birthday. I forgot to post about his birthday this year, but Lear himself did not mention it in his diary for 12 May, he was probably still too depressed after Ann’s death. He had referred to his 48th birthday on 12 May 1859, while visiting Liguria with Giorgio.

I occasionally get enquiries about events planned to celebrate the anniversary and have to admit I do not have much information. I have heard of a few exhibitions which are being prepared, but nothing definite.

  1. There should be an unofficial Festival of Nonsense at Newquay Zoo, which will include an exhibition of other artits’ illustration of Lear’s works.
  2. The Corfu Blues blog announced “an exhibition of about 50 of Lear’s Corfu paintings, sketches and watercolours of Corfiot landscapes” in Corfu in May-June 2012.
  3. There might be an exhibition “relating Lear and Carroll” in Brazil in 2012.

If you know of any other events (exhibitions, conferences, books etc.), or have more information on these, please let me know either by e-mail or in the comments. I will keep everybody updated.

It would also be nice to have an online celebration, any ideas?

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3 Responses to Edward Lear Bicentenary: A Request

  1. an on-line exhibition of work by artists inspired by Lear
    I’d like to be included

  2. flodden says:

    I started writing limericks in 2007 which then grew into a novel. I hope to publish it online this year and link it into Lear’s anniversary.

  3. Sue Tsirigoti says:

    http://edward-lear.gr/ for Corfu’s celebration and exhibition

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