Vivien is No Longer with Us

I have just heard from Charles Lewsen that Vivien Noakes died yesterday afternoon. There is no need to empahsize how important she was, and is, to all students of Edward Lear. I’ll just say that she was always supportive and generous to anyone interested in learning on Lear.

Though I corresponded with Vivien for many years, I only met her and her husband Michael once, at their new house in Malvern: the day I passed with them was full of intelligent conversation and enlightening information.

It is very sad to think that Vivien is no longer there to help you.

Charles’s email:

Vivien died yesterday afternoon, four months after she was found to have a cancer, and about a month after she suffered a stoke. All three of the children are with Michael. If followers of the website want to write to him, his address is Eaton Height, Eaton Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 4PE.

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