Dye Inoculation by Peter Newell


Newell, Dye Inoculation

No. 1
“It seems to me it orter work,”
Said Farmer Hiram Beggs,
“By feeding Hens on Easter dyes
To deckerate their eggs.”

No. 2
And sure enough for several days
The eggs were many-hued
With stranger markings on the shells
Than Beggs had ever viewed.

No. 3
He peddled them about the town
And found a brisk demand.
He sold a dozen lovely ones
To Mrs. Cyrus Bland.

No. 4
On Easter morn she gave the eggs
To Bob, her precious boy,
Oh, but the baubles pleased the lad
And made him shout for joy.

No. 5
Now Bobby’s appetite was great,
And being unrestrained,
He fell to eating Easter eggs
Till not a one remained.

No. 6
Next morning mama climbed the stair
Her sleepy son to rout,
When horror! what a sight he was —
The dyes were coming out!

The Easter Collier, p. 32.

I don’t know the date, as I got this image from an eBay auction; it appears in the Beineke’s library catalogue of Peter Newell’s family papers among the unidentified or unpublished comic strips.

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