The Quadrille

Here is a poem, made of three limericks, by Louise Ayres Garnett and illustrated by Peter Newell. I’m taking it from an eBay auction, the description dates it to 1922 but does not say where it is taken from:

Garnett - Newell, The Quadrille (1922)

Four quadrupeds danced a quadrille
On the summit of Somebody’s hill,
And a lily-white queen
Looked on at the scene
And envied the quadrupeds’ skill.

For they’d hop and they’d circle and leap,
And yet perfect time they would keep;
And all were so deft
In the “Allemande left”
That they vowed they could do it asleep.

They said to the queen, “Will you dance?
We’ve many new figures from France.”
She replied, “If I could,
I feel that I should;
But it’s hard with just two legs to prance!”

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