Carolyn Wells on the Limerick

Oliver Herford for a limerick by Carolyn Wells

A new article is available on the bookshelf: Carolyn Wells, “Limericks.” Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly, vol. 55, no. 5, March 1903, pp. 532-5.

It mostly consists of limericks by authors well-know at the turn of the twentieth century. Worth of a mention is the above carp, drawn by Oliver Herford for a limerick by Carolyn Wells herself, which turns upside down the situation of a famous one by Edward Lear:

Edward Lear, Lady of Welling
There was a Young Lady of Welling,
Whose praise all the world was a-telling;
She played on a harp,
And caught several carp,
That accomplished Young Lady of Welling.

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