The 1888 Roberts Bros Edition

On Edward Lear’s Nonsense Books, published by the Robert Bros, in “The Literary World.” October 13, 1888:

Nonsense Books Nonsense Books By Edward Lear Roberts Bros Í2 OO Those who like Mr Ruskin are disposed to put Edward Lear at the head of their hundred authors for the sake of the June flies the mangle wangle the owl and the pussy cat and the rest of his entertaining creations will welcome the reappearance of the Konsense Books in a new edition with all the original illustrations a portrait and brief biographical account of the author and the still further addition of two supplementary books not heretofore published in this country called Mori Nonsense and Laughable Lyrics In these the lovers of the old books will recognize some well known characters and friends under novel conditions but to us their most delightful feature is the first the alliterative alphabet which beginning with The Absolutely Abstemious Ass Who resided in a Barrel and only lived on Soda Water and Pickled Cucumbers carries us along past The Judicious Jubilant Jay Who did up her back hair every morning with л Wreath of Roses Three feathers and a gold t in and The Perpendicular Purple Polly Who read the Newspaper and ate Parsnip Pie With his spectacles to Tlie Zinzap Zealous Zebra The way tu Jillebola Who carried five monkeys on his back all Children will delight in this alphabet we think

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