Find love with fur and feathers

The Sunday Herald for 29 August 2004 reports on a new stage version of The Owl and the Pussy-cat:

Edward Lear would be proud. Tall Stories (who previously staged The Gruffalo) have managed to stretch The Owl And The Pussycat, his most famous nonsense poem, to over an hour. On the page it takes barely a minute to read, but in this adaptation, Lear’s tale of interspecies nautical frisson is a sleek, polished production that manages to find new angles and charming nuggets within a slight tale.

The company have added the themes of acceptance and overcoming fear, which the feathered and furry characters find in each other. And, in an inventive twist, Turkey and Pig – inhabitants of the the bong tree covered island on which the famous pea-green boat runs aground – narrate the Owl and Pussycat’s tale of honey, money and dancing by the light of the moon, the moon.

The acting is tight and effervescent, even in the face of screeching toddlers, while the sparse stage is used to good effect. Even when Owl and Pussycat are confined to their boat for the play’s initial 20 minutes the action doesn’t remain static. It’s a play for all, regardless of age, gender or breed.

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