Sukumar Ray

Literary nonsense of Sukumar Ray once again!
Dungaroo, Flipfloposaurus, Billy-Hawk Calf among other animals paid a peppy visit to a book store here and regaled book lovers!
They are, after all, characters from the nonsensical world created by legendary Bengali writer Sukumar Ray.
The occasion was the launch of ‘Abol Tabol: The Nonsense World of Sukumar Ray’ by Sampurna Chattarji, an English translation of the Bengali original, at the Oxford Bookstore here in association with Penguin Books India.
This was followed by a dramatic rendition from the book by Ravi Khote, a multiple-medium performance artiste.
This selection offers the best of Ray’s world — pun-riddled, fun-fiddled poetry from ‘Abol Tabol’ and ‘Khai-Khai’, stories of schoolboy pranks from ‘Pagla Dashu’ and madcap explorers ‘Heshoram Hushiyarer Diary’, and the unforgettable harum-scarum classic of ‘Haw-Jaw-Baw-Raw-Law’.
All the stories and poems are accompanied by Ray’s inimitable illustrations.
India News Channel | 29 April 2004

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