An Edward Lear Society?

An Edward Lear Society?, An e-mail from Vivien Noakes
Dear Learites,
Kenneth Oultram, who lives in Cheshire, is hoping to organise an Edward Lear Society, since none exists. He has called an inaugural meeting this Saturday, September 7th, at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, but has had a very disappointing response, largely I think because almost no one knows about it.
The Walker currently has a wonderful exhibition about Lord Derby�s menagerie and Lear�s involvement with it � �The Earl and the Pussy-cat� � which closes this weekend (it has an excellent catalogue), and I understand that the plan is that anyone interested should meet at the Gallery at noon. There will then be a tour of the exhibition conducted by the organiser � Dr Clem Fisher � followed by lunch. In the afternoon it is scheduled that Robert Peck � who is writing about Lear�s birds � will give a lecture, but I am not sure what the situation is about this if the turnout is very low.
I have spoken to Mr Oultram this evening and said that I would post news of this on the website. If anyone is interested in speaking to him, either about Saturday�s programme or about founding a Society at some point, his home number is 01606 781 731 and his work number is 01606 891 303.
Best wishes,

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